A multi-room escape adventure

At a secret laboratory in the center of Amsterdam, scientists have made an exciting breakthrough: Time travel. We need a team of friends for an important mission.

Go back to World War II in occupied Amsterdam and meet with the Dutch resistance. Find a painting that was stolen by the Germans and return to the present without changing the past.

Search for clues, solve puzzles, crack codes and race towards the thrilling conclusion as you Escape Through Time.

What is the Experience Like?
Groups of two to five players work together to find clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles. They also accept determined solo adventurers. Be a part of the story and race against the clock towards the thrilling finale. Do not just 'escape the room.' Escape Through Time!

How is it different from other escape rooms?
Escape Through Time is a multi-room escape adventure. This is a rich experience with original puzzles, music, technology, performance and a thrilling story. Escape Through Time is much more than opening combination locks. You will travel through time!

Their scoring system improves on traditional escape times. Since some teams get more hints than others, time comparisons are inherently unfair. In Escape Through Time, 30 points is the best score and a true accomplishment. A team with 26 points honestly beats a team with 25 points. Those with a competitive nature will appreciate their system.

To book tickets, go to http://escapethroughtime.nl/