Can the backlash be far behind?  Amsterdam North, a la Artsy Berlin, is spreading and encroaching on Amsterdam North, the Place Where Taxi Drivers Live.  Now the Ceuvel (KEAU-vel) compound has opened deep in the Noord away from the Ij (EYE) waterfront where the interesting development (like the new Tolhuistuin) has been focused until now. Things are upgrading.

De Ceuvel is a workplace for ‘creative and social enterprises.’ Artist types will work from converted houseboats which have been placed on the land with wooden walkways connecting them. They have been given the polluted land for ten years from the city and are treating the soil to bring it back with natural flowers. I cannot vouch for the science.

For a like-minded public, they started a cafe-bar which serves lunch, dinner and drinks.  A late night vibe takes over after sundown and it is open until 1am (and until 3am Friday and Saturdays).  A bed and breakfast is also planned.  See their website for the whole story

The cafe is a wonderful destination, day or night.  They serve sustainable food, local beer and homemade soft drinks.  The food is healthy and quirky. The scene is cool, casual, inter-generational, and inexpensive, the calling cards of the New North.

For now they share a street with warehouses, car-repair shops and other low rent tenants.  But for how long? The North, Amsterdam’s new Brooklyn, is probably unstoppable. The North-South metro line, perhaps in 2017, will bring the North closer to the city, Paris, Brussels and Schiphol airport.

But first, a court case will be heard from a neighbor (old Noord) complaining about the noise from the new neighbor.  A decision is expected in October.

Korte Papaverweg 4. Amsterdam Noord. Amsterdam North. Open Tue-Fri at 10am, weekends at 11am. Open Tue-Thur to 1am, Fri and Sat to 3am and Sun to 11pm.  Closed Monday. Call the Ceuvel cell phone on +31 6 45 68 01 42.  

From behind Central Station, take the (free) Buiksloterweg ferry (every 6 minutes, 3 minute ride) and walk 20 minutes or bike. 

For public transportation, from bus group ‘CS Oost’ take bus 34, 35 (GVB tram 24 hour passes valid) or 391, 394 (not a GVB bus) to Mosplein (super frequent, 6 minute ride). Walk 5 minutes from there. Look for the Ceuvel sign at the end of the Korte Papaverweg.