A bit farther away, past the windmill Brewery Het Ij is the funky-creative Roest. Meaning ‘rust,’, this industrial wonderland in a former warehouse is hipster utopia away from the bursting-at-the-seams Amsterdam center.

This darling of the Oost (OHST = East) started four years ago and have proved naysayers wrong by attracting a large following of locals who don't mind the commute to this slightly obscure location. The atmosphere is magic and the menu is fun. Grab your own bottled drinks, snacks and Chupa Chups, Millennials candy of choice from fridges and pay at the bar. 

Sucker for cocktails? Every Thursday drinks are just €6 while the DJ spins from his bicycle. Their signature drink, 'F*ck Me Punch', a tasty concoction that might deliver on its name or stop any chance you might have had. 

A new chef serves good food from a bright red bus in front. We loved the thinly sliced barbecued steak with cherry tomatoes, chilli, arugula, and topped with grated parmesan and olive oil. which went weill with a classic nicoise salad.

Enjoy your meal and drinks near the water and watch the world pass idly by (no swimming). Inside, the music continues (loudly) Check their website for upcoming parties and events. 

 Open 11am-1am, Fri-Sat to 3am.

Jacob Bontiusplaats. Enter the "island" from Ramphiusstraat. Tram 10 to Eerste Leeghwaterstraat.